We make onshore and offshore industry more profitable and sustainable through optimum maintenance of electrical machinery, controls and pertaining equipment

Based at Kilbotn near Harstad, we have specialised in the internal workings of electromechanical equipment since 1951. Through monitoring, inspection and maintenance, we have prevented motor failure and prolonged the service life of numerous electrical machinery and equipment.

Driven by a thirst for new knowledge and a burning desire to please customers, Teknor has become one of Norway’s leading industrial service and maintenance companies.

Being part of Karsten Moholt, Norway’s leading industry group in rotating machinery and equipment, gives us a world-leading expert environment to draw on.

At Teknor, seven decades of experience is fused with the best equipment suppliers and modern maintenance philosophy.

This has made us a preferred, innovative supplier that customers choose, again and again.

Every job we do – and we really do mean every single one – is carried out based on the same approach: A motor is more than a motor, and a generator is more than a generator; they are the critical components our customers depend on.

Based on this understanding, we offer smart, precise and optimum maintenance that results in maximum uptime for customers and maximum service life for motor components. This is our way of contributing to value creation and sustainability.

With us on your team, you can be assured of:
Correct and timely maintenance, resulting in reduced maintenance costs
Focus on service life extension, resulting in a greener footprint
Optimum maintenance services, resulting in maximum uptime
A good overview and advice, resulting in greater safety
Monitoring, inspection and service, resulting in complete control