Based at Kilbotn near Harstad, we have specialised in the internal workings of electromechanical equipment since 1951. Through monitoring, inspection and maintenance, we have prevented motor failure and prolonged the lifetime of numerous electromechanical machinery and equipment.

Driven by a thirst for new knowledge and a burning desire to please customers, Teknor has become one of Norway’s leading industrial service and maintenance companies.

Being part of Karsten Moholt, Norway’s leading industry group in rotating machinery and equipment, gives us a world-leading expert environment to draw on.

At Teknor, seven decades of experience is fused with the best equipment suppliers and modern maintenance philosophy.

This has made us a preferred, innovative supplier that customers choose, again and again.

Name change
Teknor company is now called Moreld Teknor, and is also included In the Moreld Moholt Group. Moreld Moholt Group consists of the 4 companies Karsten Moholt, Aquamarine, Teknisk Bureau and Teknor. They are grouped under a single management and operating model to become the customer’s preferred and sole partner in the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable future. Moreld Moholt Group is a leading provider of repair services, maintenance, and life extension. Moholt Group is part of the industrial group Moreld, which was created by a merger of service companies with roots in the energy sector in the North Sea. Moreld invests heavily in new and sustainable sectors such as aquaculture, infrastructure, and offshore wind, and is developing sustainable solutions for existing oil service activities. Read more at moholtgroup.com and moreld.com.

Our philosophy

Every job we do – and we really do mean every single one – is carried out based on the same approach: A motor is more than a motor, and a generator is more than a generator; they are the critical components our customers depend on.

Based on this understanding, we offer smart, precise and optimum maintenance that results in maximum uptime for customers and maximum service life for motor components.

This is our way of contributing to value creation and sustainability.

With us on your team, you can be assured of:

Correct and timely maintenance, resulting in reduced maintenance costs

Focus on service life extension, resulting in a greener footprint

Optimum maintenance services, resulting in maximum uptime

A good overview and advice, resulting in greater safety

Monitoring, inspection and service, resulting in complete control

Smart maintenance

Being smart is all about staying one step ahead: ahead of problems, ahead of breakdowns.

Our monitoring methods and condition monitoring prevent excessive maintenance, at the same time as we detect problems long before they become critical.

In the battle for customers, margins are tight. Predictable, stable deliveries can make all the difference.

When our expertise helps improve our customers’ competitiveness and reputation, we have succeeded.

In our experience, there is great potential in monitoring and inspecting the condition of plant and machinery. Be smart and ask yourselves the right questions:

Will an unforeseen stoppage affect the company’s reputation?

How long can we endure a stoppage?

How much will the downtime cost us? 

We are here, and we are ready NOW.

Green knowledge

In a world where green technology is increasingly required and expected and the rate of innovation is high, electrical machinery and control systems are becoming ever more important.

We make an effort to take care of the electrical machinery components rather than install new ones, whereby we, and the industry, become more sustainable.

Our sustainability approach is in constant development, and we are guided by the UN SDGs, international frameworks and good practice in our daily work.

Our special expertise in service life extension is an important contribution to the industry going green.

In addition to being the right thing do to, it is also profitable.

Teamed up with the best

Through decades of providing service and maintenance, we have found the best and most highly recognised product and equipment suppliers in the industry. Customers of Teknor can be certain that our know-how combined with high-quality components help to ensure optimum, profitable maintenance of your machinery and plant.

Some of our partners

Vision and values

To be the leading service partner in service life extension of electrical machinery and pertaining equipment.

How we pursue our vision

Everything we do, we do well
We want to be the preferred supplier, over and over again


  • Reliable
  • Competent
  • Innovative
  • Solution-oriented

Respect, control systems, the right quality, proactive focus on health, safety and the environment.

We ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns and take immediate action to combat climate change and the consequences it brings.

Sertifiseringer og godkjenninger

ISO Certification

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018