Many enterprises depend on electrical machinery for their production or operations. A broken-down piece of machinery entails stoppage and loss of income.

Emergency repairs can also be very costly. Teknor has therefore specialised in service and maintenance of generators, motors, frequency converters and their controls. An increasing number of our customers have found that a plant and machinery service agreement is both profitable and reassuring.

Unique service

Regular servicing prevents motor failure and extends plant service life. In many cases, it is also less expensive than dealing with a sudden breakdown. A maintenance agreement with Teknor helps to prevent unforeseen production stoppages. Our expertise in electrical machinery is unique, and you can be certain that the job is done efficiently and correctly. We use recognised suppliers and state-of-the-art instruments for preventive maintenance. We are a service partner for a number of suppliers of plant and equipment, including of frequency converters and automated systems. That gives us access to both the best product knowledge and approved spare parts.