SMART Maintenance


Being smart is all about staying one step ahead: ahead of problems, ahead of breakdowns.

We perform smart maintenance on electric motors, generators and other rotating equipment. Gearboxes are our speciality.

Our monitoring methods and condition monitoring prevent excessive maintenance, at the same time as we detect problems long before they become critical.

In the battle for customers, margins are tight. Predictable, stable deliveries can make all the difference.

When our expertise helps improve our customers’ competitiveness and reputation, we have succeeded.

In our experience, there is great potential in monitoring and inspecting the condition of plant and machinery. Be smart and ask yourselves the right questions:

Will an unforeseen stoppage affect the company’s reputation?
How long can we endure a stoppage?
How much will the downtime cost us?


  • Shipping
  • Wind power
  • Oil and gas
  • Processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries and food
  • Armed Forces / Public sector
  • Cable cars and alpine skiing installations

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