Some plant and machinery are exposed to extreme stresses. Proper impregnation of the electrical windings on such plant and machinery extends their service life and improves their efficiency.

Teknor has developed a highly efficiently vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) method in cooperation with SINTEF. We use a model to determine the limit values for an optimum process. Varnish is applied to the windings under vacuum conditions, so that all cracks and cavities are filled. The windings are then put under pressure, causing the varnish to penetrate even deeper. By optimising the amount of varnish, and the vacuum and pressure cycles, we have developed a highly effective and durable impregnation. VPI is the best impregnation method currently available. The result is stable insulation resistance, extended service life and reduced operating costs for customers.

Teknor is the only company in Norway offering a documentable VPI process.


  • Shipping
  • Wind power
  • Oil and gas
  • Processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries and food
  • Armed Forces / Public sector
  • Cable cars and alpine skiing installations

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