Do you have a broken down piece of machinery that has not reached its nominal service life?
Do you have machinery placed in aggressive environments or under other special operating conditions?
Do you have a critically important piece of machinery that absolutely must not break down?

At Teknor, we rewind motors, generators, transformers and other electrical equipment.

We know the weak spots and ensure enough insulation in exposed parts. We also measure the armature stampings and adapt motor winding sets to optimise the ratio between copper and insulation.

Our winding material suppliers are among the best in the world. Combined with our know-how and extensive experience, we extend the service life of broken down machinery to compete with that of new equipment.

When rewinding, we recycle about 95% of the machinery, while also maintaining robustness and adding to its service life. Rewinding rather than buying new is not just good economy, it is also very good for the industry’s environmental accounts.

Teknor’s service life extension with winding normally includes:

• Cleaning
• Mechanical and electrical monitoring
• Winding
• Teknor VPI
• Replacement of all wear components
• Testing


  • Shipping
  • Wind power
  • Oil and gas
  • Processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries and food
  • Armed Forces / Public sector
  • Cable cars and alpine skiing installations

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